Art Can Change the World

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Art is not just pretty wall décor – I believe art can change the world. The Beatles found a new sound, made catchy melodies that captured the imagination of our nation, and in one decade they radically changed American culture. I’ve been in small towns where the downtown murals tell you when you drive through, “This town is important, our roots are important, and we are making a difference.” Sometimes art mirrors society, but sometimes art molds society and brings social change. I believe all of us as artists can help bring positive social change to our cities and regions.

Art tells us where we came from, and it can tell us where we are going. A walk through the galleries of our city tells us something about our city’s values and culture. What do we value? Where are we going? As a culture we have pursued knowledge and pleasure. What would happen if we encouraged people – through our art – to pursue beauty and truth?

This painting and “Frosty Morning” were both from a single location, one looking north and one looking south. This one I did plein air, at the location, and the other I did from a photo (it was too chilly to stay out there, and the light was changing quickly.)

What do you find beautiful? Beauty touches the soul and awakens something in us. I feel more alive after walking through an art gallery – or a home, or a forest – filled with beauty. I believe it’s why 12 million people each year visit Niagara Falls – beauty refreshes, inspires, awakens. Because beauty is powerful, art is powerful.

I don’t start a painting hoping to change the world with it, I start it because I like the play of light across a frost-covered field, or the way the water reflects and softens the scene behind it. But I am aware that art has tremendous influence. And as an artist I want to use my influence with wisdom.

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Zachary Ducote
May 14, 2017 at 1:09 pm

I love this because it fully defines how a renewed mind transforms a person, which will transform a city, which will transform a region and then the whole country! All from something that what seems these days to be hidden yet so impactful. I went into an art gallery in Jacmel, Haiti a few weeks ago. It’s a southern coastal town of Haiti with only one main paved road to get there. The art gallery immediately reflected the history of Haiti and how voodoo was at the core of the heart. What was really interesting the art was made to seem like voodoo was fun and exciting using bright colors and things like people dancing and smiling but after looking at them more in detail you can see the underlying message and truth each print defines. I would love to one day walk into a gallery in Haiti or other countries like Haiti and see a transformed way of painting where the beauty of how the earth was created and the people placed there to reflect their creator.

Farley Lewis
May 29, 2017 at 7:45 am

Let’s be a part of that transformation, what do you say? I believe you and me and others like us will have a voice to the artists of Haiti, and I believe we will see galleries in Haiti one day filled with art that sparkles with the glory of God. Great to hear from you!


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