Otherworldly Beauty

DATE: March 31, 2017 CATEGORY:

People talk of beauty so grand it is “otherworldly.” Transcending beauty carries an invitation to transcend, inviting us to see and dream outside the lines, beyond the natural. Beauty invites us to access another realm. Perhaps because it came from another realm.

I see fall reflections in a creek, a splash of brilliant color at sunrise, a cardinal on a snow-covered branch, and something inside of me seems to say, “This is how the world was meant to be.” I’m home, here in this little corner of grandeur. And a door opens, just a crack. As I gaze, it is almost like I am glimpsing, through the door of beauty, light from another realm. And I wonder, could the whole world look like this again?

A man once lived who spoke often of the kingdom of heaven. His life and words and deeds were stunning. With a word He transformed a life-threatening storm at sea into a postcard picture of calm. He saw a crowd dizzy with hunger and far from home, so He accessed another realm and set before them fish and bread, more than they could eat. He transformed a home mourning for a dead daughter into a celebration of restored life. He saw a man with the ugly scars of leprosy and made him handsome again. People watched in awe, breathless. I can hear someone in the crowd, speaking in hushed tones, “This is how the world was meant to be.”

Through His life they caught a glimpse of another realm, light from a different kingdom, breathtaking in beauty.

He said, “I am the door.”

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